Группа морфин

Группа морфин

About This Game

You will be playing as an eighteen year old high school student who is living in his own utopia as an ignored, bullied person by many others throughout his life…

You will journey into his past testifying his dramatic events that troubled his young life.

Morphine will drag you empathize and make you witness to an alternative subconscious world from a different perspective.

Copyright Kerim KUMBASAR 2015

Anyone who buy this independent video game from official platforms has the right to install and play it on their computer.

Kerim Kumbasar is the only person who has rights to sell this game.

The content of this independent video game is purely fictional, and is not intended to represent any actual person, business or organization.
Any similarity between any character, dialogue or event element of this independent game and any actual person, business or organization is purely coincidental.
The maker and publishers of this independent game do not in any way endorse, condone or encourage this kind of behaviour.

Feel free to send me suggestions on improving my game.
http://kerimkumbasar.com — http://morphinegame.com

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